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Leather Slim Single Pen Case Dark Brown
Leather Slim Single Pen Case Dark Brown
Leather Slim Single Pen Case Dark Brown

Leather Slim Single Pen Case Dark Brown

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Thependragons are delighted to offer a TRADITIONALLY Produced ENGLISH HAND MADE Leather pen case.

This is a Slim Pen Single case in Dark Brown The Size is 16cm x 4cm

These cases are made to last and will age in a way that only the very finest of leather's will.

The leather will be tight and firm for a while, but will soften with use and age.

This Slim Double case will accept your favourite matching Pen and Pencil Set. Whether they are a slim or Medium Size, The Larger pens do not fit this case.
The Slim case is especially good if you only carry and use a mechanical pencils.

Photo shows the case with pens, these are not included in the sale.

The art of turning leather into beautiful tactile items can be traced back three family generation to the Ludlow area.
Still continued today in the time old tradition of Hand Made and Finished in the Shrewsbury area.

The MORGANESQ pen case.
The whole process from beginning to end is hand made. From the placing initial placing of the templates onto the uncut leather, to the final buffing.
The templates are marked out with an awl and then cut.
The relevant parts are placed together ready for the time honoured traditional method of saddle stitching. All stitched by hand using two harness needles, one on either end of a single length of thread.
This incredibly durable thread is used throughout the Leather industry as well by the sail makers who stitch the sales for the round the world yachtsmen.
After stitching the edges are bevelled and burnished to give a rounded profile, once achieved then finished with a Fiebing's Edge Knott to seal in the loose ends.
Bee's wax is then applied before the final edge burnishing.
Once checked the whole case is fed and polished using carnauba Cream.