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Parker Vacumatic Pellet Pusher
Parker Vacumatic Pellet Pusher

Parker Vacumatic Pellet Pusher

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This tool ensures that the pellet inside the VACUMATIC SAC is securely seated in the vacumatic unit.

The Pellet Push has been designed by and manufactured for the Pendragons.

The end of the shaft is marked by a 30mm line, this is the correct length that the sac has to be cut to ensure correct fitting.

It is not normally necessary to use shellac when fitting the sac.

You will find that liberal use of FRENCH CHALK will ease the fitting of the sac, especially when rolling the sac onto the Vacumatic unit collar.

The only time you may need to use shellac is if the sac holder on the end of the unit is damaged and does not grip the sac securely.