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Pre-Lim Metal Cleaner 200ml Can

Pre-Lim Metal Cleaner 200ml Can

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A gentle abrasive paste  for all parts of your pens and pencils.
Use a soft cloth to apply.
Rub with a light pressure.
Allow to dry to a powdery residue.
Clean off with a soft cloth.

To maintain the newly cleaned surface polish with Renaissance Wax.

Pre-Lim is widely used in the professional restoration of arms and armour, sculpture, brass and copper exhibition cookware, ceramics and automobile paintwork.

Formulation is based on blending Neuburg silica chalks in a water/white spirit emulsion.
In normal use the product is not a health hazard.

Pre-Lim's cleaning/burnishing action is achieved with extremely fine control using a 
soft rag and light pressure. after a few minutes of air drying, the residual chalky deposit 
is easily rubbed away with a clean rag, leaving surfaces dry and silk smooth.

to ensure that cleaned surfaces, especially metals, remain clean and bright, protect
them with the glass-clear Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish for a long lasting
and visually enhancing finish.

when stored in its airtight container at room temperature or cooler, Pre-Lim has an
excellent shelf life.

as is customary with any restoration, a discrete test area is advised.