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Silicone STRAIGHT Ink Sac Multi Packs

Silicone STRAIGHT Ink Sac Multi Packs

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To find out what size sac your pen requires, measure the diameter of the sac peg as shown below. Use this measurement to find the size of sac.

These modern 100% SILICONE sacs are produced by the injection moulding system.

These are excellent for replacing the sac in your CELLULOID PENS.

The sizing of ink sac's is in units of 64th's of an inch. Therefore a size 16 is 16 / 64th's of an inch in diameter.

In this metric era its a little difficult to measure in that format.

The table below of sac sizes has been converted to the nearest metric mm equivalent.


If the size of the sac peg fall between two sizes choose the smaller size sac

Multi Packs available in

5  Sacs £2.77 Each

10 Sacs £2.75 Each

15 Sacs £2.72 Each

20 Sacs £2.69 Each

25 Sacs £2.65 Each