Vintage fountain pen sacs, fountain pen parts, tools and repair kits

Sheaffer Snorkel and PFM Parts, Nibs and Kits

Many Sheaffer Snorkel and Pen For Men Parts wear out over time.
Here is a selection of Replacement Ink Sacs and parts
that will get your pens writing again.
Nibs are original used Sheaffer Snorkel.

All metal parts are Sheaffer Original cleaned and checked.
As you would expect they do show some signs of age.
Springs are a modern reproduction to the original Sheaffer Spec.

These metal parts often get damaged or in some
cases rust and destroy the Ink Sacs.

All these replacement items are Sheaffer Original Parts
They are not new and will show signs of use and storage
as such they may require cleaning and adjustment.