Vintage fountain pen sacs, fountain pen parts, tools and repair kits

Washers and Seals

A selection of washers and seals for various models of Fountain Pens.
There are 'O' Rings, Point Gaskets and End Cap Washers for
Sheaffers Snorkels 
Sheaffer PFM
Sheaffer Touchdown
Sheaffer 1st Year Touchdown
Sheaffer Tuckaway Touchdown
'O' Rings for
Parker '51' Aerometric and Vacumatic.
Small 'O' rings for
Waterman Safety Pens
Shaft Seal Gaskets and Washers for
Sheaffer Vac / Plunge Fill Pens
All available in Packs of 1, 3 and 5.
Vac / Plunge Fill Washers
These are the Washers that fit to the plunge rod.