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Nib Repair, Burnishing and knockout Block
Nib Repair, Burnishing and knockout Block
Nib Repair, Burnishing and knockout Block
Nib Repair, Burnishing and knockout Block

Nib Repair, Burnishing and knockout Block

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For those of you how wish to repair your damaged nib, here is the essential tool.

Nibs that are bent, twisted or sprung can all be repaired on the block.

Nibs and Feeds can be removed via the Knockout Holes

This is a heavy item.

Some nibs are screw in and come within their own sleeves 

It is not advisable to try and remove these nibs from there sections and sleeves

With this type of nib removal knock out tool.

Block has 8 assorted size holes to enable the Nib and Feed to be removed from the section.

Ranging from 4.6 mm - 11.50 mm

This block is twice the size of the standard nib block.

2 Diminishing Curves 1 Concave 1 Convex.

3 Different diameter knockout Rods. 3.3 mm, 4.7 mm, and 6.3 mm in length

All rods are 3 3/4 inches in length (9.5cm)

4 Assorted Burnishing Tools

1 Roller Burnisher

3 standard burnisher’s each end is slightly different 

giving 6 sizes in total.

1 Knockout Hammer with 3 different heads.

This block is manufactured from a metal compound giving a hard and smooth surface to work on.

The block comes with 4 assorted burnisher tools to work with on your nibs.

 3 Knockout Rods, and Hammer.

Each of the standard burnishers are 18cm in length.

The roller burnisher is 16cm in length.

Each end on the standard burnisher can be used

Important note, this block is only for the repair of the standard open nib, NOT CONE and CIRCULAR NIBS. e.g. Sheaffer Triumphs, Parker "51" or similar type nibs.

The Block has both Concave and Convex curves for working the underside and top faces off the nib.

The top of the Convex Curve is straight and level as is the bottom of the Concave Curve.

The available area on both surfaces will enable nibs off all sizes to be worked on.

Be aware that over burnishing will result in the metal of the nib hardening and may even become brittle and crack.

Alway make sure that the block is firm to your work surface to prevent slipping while working.

Resting against a stop bar, or on a non slip surface.

Do not let the burnishing tools come into contact with the block surface when working on your nibs as this may change the profile of the nib.

Remember, don't just jump in and start repairing your solid gold vintage nib, practice first with an old nib. 

The amount of pressure used to achieve the finished result, will vary depending on the type, material and size of the nib.

It will take time and effort to repair a nib, practice and patience is essential in achieving the end result.