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Zest-It  Dip Pen Nib Cleaner
Zest-It  Dip Pen Nib Cleaner
Zest-It  Dip Pen Nib Cleaner
Zest-It  Dip Pen Nib Cleaner
Zest-It  Dip Pen Nib Cleaner

Zest-It Dip Pen Nib Cleaner

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Zest-it Dip Pen Nib Cleaner will remove fresh, stubborn and old dried-on Indian and Permanent Inks from the steel tubular nibs of Technical and Drawing Pens.

Zest it have tested it with Pelikan Drawing Ink A, Indian Ink, Permanent Pigmented Ink and others, it removed them all.
Our cleaner has a pleasant smell, contains no CFCs or Aromatics, is biodegradable, re-usable, with a minimum usable life of 5 years.

To use the Dip Pen Nib Cleaner; pour a small amount into a suitable container that has a lid and drop the nibs into the solution. Leaver to soak for 10 to 20 minutes, remove after this time and wash with water, dry on kitchen towel, your nibs will be clean, refreshed and ready for use. Keep this container lidded and labelled for cleaning your nibs because it is reusable with a long active life.

If you have pens where the nib is permanently attached or you don't want to remove the nib from its holder, then you can swish the nib in a small amount of liquid or dampen a cloth and clean the nib. A dampened cloth works well in many situations.

*We have a caution to note; this product works so well that - if the nibs are left in the liquid

too long, it may discolour the nibs by taking the coloured lacquer off the surface. The nib will not be harmed but it could be just a 'grey' colour when it comes out, whereas they may have been bronze when you put them in!

There are many nibs and many different finishes on nibs, not all are affected. Sizes available 50 ml - 125 ml Plastic Bottle.