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Multi Pack Specialist Sacs

Multi Pack Specialist Sacs

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To help with the refitting of the vacumatic sac (also called a vacumatic diaphragm) into the unit use the PELLET PUSHER to ensure a secure fit. When fitting the vacumatic sac into the vacumatic unit FRENCH CHALK is used. When fitting the unit back into the barrel SILICON GREASE can be used to ensure a smooth and snag free fitting.

Enter your required combination of mixed sacs into the kit box.


  • Small: Fits the Deb and Sub Deb Vacumatic fountain pens.
  • Medium: Fits the Standard, Major Vacumatic fountain pens.
  • Large: Fits the Oversize and Maxima Vacumatic fountain pens ONLY.

IMPORTANT: The new diaphragm should be cut to a maximum length of 30mm to ensure it does not foul the breather tube when the plunger is depressed.



The LARGE fits the full size Ink View pen.

Ink View colours: Silver Ray; Copper ray; Emerald Ray.

There is a Jet version, this takes a different type of sac that is no longer available.

The SMALL fits the Lady Patricia pen.

Ink View Lady Patricia colours: Sunset; Lace (this version has a black rear barrel); Mist.

Please note that these sacs are NOT for the Ink View pens with the one piece barrel.

When feeding the sac through the fixing unit SILICON GREASE will help.