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Parker Vacumatic and 51 Vacumatic Repair Kit

Parker Vacumatic and 51 Vacumatic Repair Kit

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This kit will enable you to repair the majority of Parker Vacumatic Pens
Including the Parker 51 Vacumatic Pen.
You will not be able to repair the Maxima or Oversize Vacumatics.
For these models you require the YELLOW handled wrench.
The kit contains 
1 Red Handled Wrench
1 Pellet Pusher
5 Small Vacumatic Diaphragms
5 Medium Vacumatic Diaphragms
1 Small Bag of Pure French Chalk
1 Small Tub of Pure Silicone Grease
If you require a different mix of Diaphragms please enter
your requirements in the kit box.
If the above Diaphragm selection is ok just type 10 in the kit box.