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Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen Large Restoration Kit

Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen Large Restoration Kit

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This kit will enable you to repair all of Parker’s Vacumatic Pens
Including the Parker 51 Vacumatic Pen.

The kit contains 
1 Red Handled Wrench
1 Yellow Handled Wrench
1 Pellet Pusher
10 Small Vacumatic Diaphragms
10 Medium Vacumatic Diaphragms
5 Large Vacumatic Diaphragms
1 Knockout Block and 3 Punches
1 Cap and Barrel Brush Set
1 Flushing Bulb
1 Polishing Stick 3 Grits
1 Tube Simichrome Polish
1 Small Bag of Pure French Chalk
1 Small Tub of Pure Silicone Grease

If you require a different mix of Diaphragms please enter
your requirements in the kit box.
If the above Diaphragm selection is ok just type 25 in the kit box.