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J, P and A Pressure Bars

A selection of J, P and A Bars

J Bars in the following sizes
4.00 cm, 4.8 cm, 5.40 cm, 6.20 cm, 7.20 cm, 7.50 cm
J Bars One Piece in the following sizes
5.4 cm, 6.20 cm 

Pressure Bars in the following sizes
4.40 cm, 5.00 cm, 6.00 cm, 6.60 cm, 7.20 cm, 7.50 cm, 8.50 cm

To gauge what size Pressure Bar your pen requires 
take the measurement shown below.
This will give you a good idea of the size your pen takes.
As with all replacement Bars a little filing off the flat end may be required 
for a good fit.

A Bars in the following sizes

5.60 cm, 6.20 cm, 7.20 cm
When fitting the A Bar.
As dirt and dust will have accumulated in the buttonhole over time.
A number 12 drill (approx 4.8mm diameter ) should be used to
clear and smooth the inner walls.
The Bar will then fit and operate correctly.